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"Mike Delgado is the real deal. He is someone you should work with if you are serious. He will not babysit you, but if you truly want to get better, he will empower you. I am very snobbish in giving out recommendations and I can wholeheartedly give Mike one for two reasons. He knows his stuff and he cares about people. It's rare to find one of those traits, let alone the full package."

Josh Bryant, MS

"I have worked with Mike since November of 2019. I was brought to Mike by my former coach and friend. Since then, while I haven't been able to get on the platform due to unforeseen circumstances Mike has always been flexible with me especially when military work comes up. I am feeling stronger than before with the adjustments that have been made in all three of my lifts and I can't wait to see what will be put on the platform this year! I am fortunate to be one of his athletes."


"Live. Learn. Pass On. As we all talk about how great a coach that Mike Delgado is, we must also mention how great of a human being this man is. Through his own triumphs, he has proven to be one of the most hard-working, disciplined, and earnest people I've met in my life. From pushing me to be a greater lifter than I was yesterday, Mike also gives me thoughtful life advice that can help me succeed in and out of the gym. Mike has shown to not only to talk about his life lessons, but to lead by example on what it means to be a better human being. He is the embodiment of Live. Learn. Pass On."


"I hired Mike as my coach May 2019 and it was the best decision I could have made for my powerlifting career. Since working with Mike I have improved significantly on all my lifts leading to a #10 all time ranking in the 165lb weight class which in my opinion is the most competitive weight class for women currently. What makes Mike the best coach? For me its the simple fact that he communicates, listens and adjusts to me as a lifter. Most importantly he believes in me as a lifter which instills confidence that can get lost very quickly in powerlifting. I only wish that I had found Mike sooner; however, I am excited to continue this journey with him and climb the ranks together as a team. #mdstrengthmethods"

Nicole D.

"Very happy with my progress so far with Mike. Starting his coaching, I let him know about my weaker lifts being bench and squat and those have blew up during my first meet prep and now I’m beating those numbers in the off-season less than 6 months later. You can definitely tell that he coaches based on your own personal needs and weaknesses. I’ve made some great progress so far with him and I can’t wait to see what I can total at my next meet."

Charles-Andre Geffroy

"Mike is an incredible coach who takes an individual and tailored approach to each of his clients to ensure they reach their goals. He has a great eye for needed technical adjustments to improve efficiency for both the novice and elite lifters. The proof for Mike’s exceptional ability is in the pudding. Mike has coached my novice teenage son to steady progress for a year without any injuries whatsoever, and in just 8 months, Mike helped me increase my official total on the platform by over 200 pounds."

Joshua Simon